Thank you teachers! ¡Gracias maestros!

Each and every day, we are inspired by the advocacy, hard work, dedication, passion, and the courage to overcome countless challenges shown by teachers who serve language learners in all our partner schools and around the world. Thank you for serving our schools and communities to provide high quality learning every day and allowing TaJu to be a partner in that journey.  From everyone at TaJu Educational Solutions, thank you, teachers!  You are the change we seek in the world.

In honor of all teachers who serve language learners around the world, TaJu is hosting a contest: Share the most inspirational teacher who inspires students on your social media and include #TaJuTeachersRock. The person who gets the most shares or retweets on Facebook and/or Twitter will win a $100 Visa Gift Card, courtesy of TaJu Educational Solutions! The social post/tweet must include #TaJuTeachersRock, and the contest ends at midnight on Saturday, May 19th.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!