Honored to Present: “Hidden Blind Spots” @ the 2018 METCO Association

“Hidden Blind Spots: Systematically Confronting the Inequities Faced by Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Populations”, presented by Alexandra Guilamo – Friday, December 7, 2018

It is such an honor to be able to present this interactive workshop designed to give educational leaders the tools to systematically
confront issues of access and equity faced by linguistically and culturally diverse studentsby:

  • exploring our own identities and attitudes about linguistically and culturally diverse
  • constructing a model that defines the extent to which blind spots (or entrenched
    perceptions) are (1) created by experiences, (2) utilized to shape our judgments and
    beliefs, and (3) applied unconsciously as we make decisions that limit access and
  • drawing conclusions about the impact of our blind spots on range of educational
    decisions such as program models, language policies, instructional practices,
    curricular materials, providing opportunities for intervention and acceleration, and
  • developing tools to advocate and respond to inequities faced by linguistically and
    culturally diverse populations;
  • developing action steps for systematically recognizing and confronting blind spots to
    ensure all learners have access to an educational experience that unlocks their full