A Dedication to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Today is a day dedicated to honoring the legacy and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  And while many simply enjoy the extra day at home, it is vital to reflect on what this day truly means.  His life’s legacy is one of equity, access, equality and the ability of each person to realize their own dreams regardless of race, color, or creed. As an educator, I see the overwhelming challenges our children face to realize that legacy every day.  Not all students experience an equitous educational experience, have access to the conditions that will ensure their success, or are faced with a set of experiences that prepare them to realize their dreams. With barriers existing for so many children (black children, brown children, language learners, exceptional children, children living in poverty, LGBT, and so many other silenced voices), I know that this work can not live on just one day of the year.  Rather, we must fight, now more than ever.  We must honor his legacy as we serve and guard the amazing children that are entrusted to our care.   So let us not be silent, for our children – all our children – are the future and the legacy of our humanity.