FAQ: About Supporting Language Learners in Schools

I recently hosted an amazing webinar around engaging in data-driven instruction for language learners with Dr. Doug Reeves.  I wanted to share the frequently asked questions that stemmed from the session.  Please reach out with any questions! Q & A: These “service” minutes are state requirements. What can we do, add more minutes? State requirements […]

What Every School Must Know About Transitioning to ESSA:

Every school is ramping up to prepare for the quickly approaching start date of the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This act, which replaces NCLB, is set to go into effect on August of 2016. So what should every educator know? One critical thing for educators to know is that, while there is greater […]

How Modeling Translates to Outcomes for Struggling Students & ELLs:

Modeling is one research-based strategy that allows students to hear a teacher’s thought process.  By making their thinking or process visible and clear, teachers are able to help students to mirror or parallel that thinking process or level of performance.  This is nothing new and it is mostly human nature.  When we want to learn […]

Improving Fluency with Partner Reading:

What is partner reading? Partner reading is a cooperative learning approach where a student works with a partner to read a text. While there many different approaches to text selection, partnerships should be carefully considered and both partners should be able to access the text. Why use partner reading? Partner reading allows both readers to […]