VOCABULARY JOURNAL: Building Academic Vocabulary with SPEED™

It’s finally available!!!!  The student journals for academic vocabulary called, VOCABULARY JOURNAL: Building Academic Vocabulary with SPEED™ is now available on Amazon!  So why did we create this resource? Well, we know that challenges with vocabulary strongly influence the readability of a text (Chall & Dale, 1995).  Not only that, but lacking vocabulary is known to […]

5 Easy Ways to Build Your Students’ Academic Language

Last week we discussed the need to intentionally frame the social language of schools.  Social language of school is the language that follows the rules of academic conversations and is flexibly used for a variety of purposes.  This week, we look at academic language.  Academic language is the language students need to access textbooks, assignments, […]

3 Big Reasons We are All LanguageTeachers:

When we introduce ourselves in education, it is commonplace to identify with the content area or grade level we teach. I am a Science teacher, a Math teacher, a 3rd grade teacher, etc. But one thing is for certain; we are all language teachers, and we are all teachers of students. This means that there […]