The Science of the Bilingual Reading Brain

Our program evaluation offers a means to identify, and strategize services based on the individual needs of each educational community.  Careful diagnosis of the current state includes a range of data sources, a survey stakeholder beliefs, root cause analysis, and communication of findings intended to drive future plans and decisions.  Our process is meant to be methodical and flexible depending on the purpose of the evaluation.

Technical Support

It is critical that school communities looking to implement a dual language program seek support.  Implementing an effective and sustainable dual language program requires the proper buy-in, expertise, staffing, pedagogy & practices, environment, resources, and more.  Our technical support begins with a partnership for program implementation.  Program support also includes the strategic planning for:

  • Program implementation (planning partnerships ideally begin one year before program start)
  • Developing the systems & district-wide infrastructures using “Dual Language Essentials” elements
  • Enhancing school & classroom environments that support the program goals
  • Fostering family and community relationships, communication, and activities that support the program goals
  • Scheduling considerations and human resource allocation that support the program goals
  • Designing and/or supplementing curricula & materials that support the program goals
  • Using data from both program languages in the MTSS process and providing students with interventions and a range of services to ensure achievement