Dual Language Program Design

Duration: 45 Hours

his course serves as critical foundation for educators charged with beginning and/or implementing a dual language program and supporting its curriculum development, instructional planning and delivery, and assessment of learners in dual language programs. This course is a fundamental part of developing and customizing the design year action plan that ensures an effective program implementation and alignment with the seven GP3 strands. Participants will build their capacity around the latest theories, research, and best practices that are reflective of effective one-way and two-way dual language programs, transitional bilingual programs, and transitional programs of instruction. This course also analyzes the implications of such programs on decisions about curriculum, pedagogy, practice, and assessment for the various language learner programs. As a result of this course, dual language school communities leave with a comprehensive and step by step implementation plan that includes timelines, shared responsibilities, and progress monitoring checks.

Participants: This course is designed for Dual Language Leadership Teams that can include: K-12 teachers, instructional coaches, multilingual specialists, and administrators of dual language programs.

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Coaching Teachers in Bilingual and Dual-Language Classrooms: A Responsive Cycle for Observation and Feedback (Level 1)

Duration: 45 Hours

Providing effective coaching to dual-language and bilingual teachers is essential to teacher excellence, student achievement, and issues of equity in our school. This course empowers administrators, coaches, and teacher leaders with a proven framework for coaching dual-language and bilingual teachers with fair and effective feedback. Coaches and administrators gain the skills and tools needed to answer the question, “How can I consistently and accurately create a coaching cycle for dual-language and bilingual teachers, especially if the language utilized during instruction is one that I don’t speak?” Participants will learn the essential elements of an effective coaching and feedback cycle, qualities of high-quality feedback that align to each program model, and learn a proven process for collecting objective evidence during observations without scripting. Receive a clear model for how to identify and prioritize the most important aspects of the observation in order to more accurately offer feedback around strengths and opportunities to improve practice.

Participants: This course is designed for Dual Language Leadership Teams that can include: K-12 teachers, instructional coaches, multilingual specialists, and administrators of dual language programs.

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Curriculum Mapping for Dual Language & Bilingual Programs: Building Integrated & Culturally Responsive Biliteracy Units

Duration: 60 Hours

This course is designed to ensure dual-language and bilingual teachers and leaders have the foundational knowledge, guidance, and program aligned process for developing yearlong curriculum maps, as well as units of integrated instruction that connect content, global citizenship, language acquisition, and cross-content practices across two languages. Course participants will use the content practices and standards, second language acquisition theory, language development standards, and social justice standards to map and develop integrated units using a backwards design approach. As essential components of the instructional design process, each map and model unit will include: essential questions, authentic assessments, explicit oracy, authentic instructional strategies for second language learning and cross-linguistic connections, and learning activities that build content mastery, global citizenship; and language acquisition in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Participants: K-12 teachers, instructional coaches, multilingual specialists, and administrators.Please contact info@tajulearning.com for more information.

Dismantling Issues of Equity in Education: How to Return Education to its Democratic Purpose

Duration: 45 Hours

This course serves as critical foundation for teachers, school leadership teams, and district-level administrators to confront and dismantle the systemic inequities that exist in schools that pose barriers and long-term consequences for oppressed and less privileged student populations.

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Remote Coaching

Receive live coaching online from bilingual coaches and experts. Online cycles of coaching that focus on the needs of dual-language, bilingual, ELL, SLIFE, and newcomer, are tailored to each educator and their educational community. The second cycle of coaching focuses on modeling the instructional delivery and facilitating fishbowls in the target language (Spanish). The ability to model lessons fosters teachers’ ability to connect new practices and principles to practice and implementation while problem solving areas of challenge. The third cycle of coaching focuses on providing differentiated one on one coaching directly to teachers (with their coaches) observation and constructive feedback that allows for self-reflection and ownership of action steps. This gradual release model supports teachers apply new learning, build effectiveness, and ensure every classroom that serves language learners is successful.

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Technical Support & Assistance

It is critical that school communities looking to implement a dual language program seek support. Implementing an effective and sustainable dual language program requires the proper buy-in, expertise, staffing, pedagogy & practices, environment, resources, and more. Our technical support begins with a partnership for program implementation. From developing monitoring systems, curriculum selection and evaluation, scheduling considerations, multilingual recruitment plans hiring protocols, our technical support is design to ensure your program has a viable solution for how to implement evidence-based approaches in your unique context.

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Each course is self-paced, facilitated by one of our expert coaches, and take approximately 30 days to complete the course. Upon registration and payment, you will receive log-on credentials for the course via the email address provided at registration. Participants can revisit content, materials, videos, articles, and resources for 90 days and receive a certificate of completion from TaJu Educational Solutions.
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