You Can’t DO Dual Language to Schools: It Takes Time

I’m one of the fiercest advocates of DL, and the waves of districts rushing to implement DL programs in under 6 months, has me cautious of the larger consequence of starting programs without enough training, without buy-in and commitment in schools, and without a strategic plan fully developed.  How will neigh Sayers recognize the difference between programs that were set up to struggle from their inception? And if something doesn’t change, will all dual language programs be deemed part of a run-away train that needs to be “fixed” with more policies that further devalue the needs of our learners?  

FAQ: About Supporting Language Learners in Schools

I recently hosted an amazing webinar around engaging in data-driven instruction for language learners with Dr. Doug Reeves.  I wanted to share the frequently asked questions that stemmed from the session.  Please reach out with any questions! Q & A: These “service” minutes are state requirements. What can we do, add more minutes? State requirements […]

What Makes an Exemplary Curriculum for Language Learners?

The success of linguistically and culturally diverse students has become a shared goal for educators and policy-makers across both political lines because there are now over 5 million students from homes where a language other than English is spoken.   The impact of this fast paced-growth began with grants, funding sources, and other program level compliances.  […]

A Dedication to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Today is a day dedicated to honoring the legacy and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  And while many simply enjoy the extra day at home, it is vital to reflect on what this day truly means.  His life’s legacy is one of equity, access, equality and the ability of each person to realize […]

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Today I had the honor of attending a field trip with one of my children, and it reminded me about the amazing power that teachers have over the minds, values, and excitement for learning our children develop.  It was chilly, gusty, and damp at Sauganash Prairie Grove this morning when the class of about 25 stepped […]